Vector logo: where and how can you create modern logos for free?

Vector logo: where and how can you create modern logos for free?

Making a vector logo is one of the first steps you should take if you are about to launch a startup because you can be very good at what you do or have a millionaire idea, but none of that will work without a good brand identity.

There are endless options for creating modern logos for free, including programs or pages that promise to do all the work for you. But how effective are they? Do they help your business in the long run?

If you have doubts about using Canva or downloading a program to make logos, here we will tell you which is the recipe that, in the end, will give you the best result. Take note of the contents of our index, which are like a recipe for success.

What are vector logos?

For you to understand what vectorized logos are, first we have to clarify what we mean by the word “vector”, which is used in different branches of mathematics, such as geometry or physics, but its meaning within the world of mathematics matters here. design.

The grace of vectorized logos and other creations made with vectors is that no matter how much you enlarge or reduce them, the software you use will fill the lines of the design with dots and thus never suffer alterations or lose sharpness.

Advantages of vector logos

With the above, you should already have a clear idea of ​​what are the advantages of having vectorized logos, but in any case, we are going to review them, because even these days there are people who insist on using other formats to create the image that will represent their brands.

First, as we said above, vector logos can be stretched to infinity and will continue to look good, which does not happen if the image is made with pixels, in formats such as PNG.

This may look good on your PC screen and in your templates for social networks, but if, for example, you want to put it in a giant graph, the image will come out in squares, more pixelated than an 8-bit video game from the old NES of Nintendo. What is the solution? Well, vectorized logos.

These are saved in files with an extension such as EPS or SVG, which are usually light since the size of the image does not matter here. Therefore, you can upload or download logos without worrying about space, or send them by email without resorting to services such as WeTransfer.

Pages to create free downloadable logos

If you want to have vectorized logos already made, just to download them and start using them, there are web pages that offer this service, even for free. Let’s see how they work and if they are the best option for you.

These portals are known as logo generators and there are two types. First of all, some are dedicated to creating modern logos for free, doing all the work for you so that you only download the file.

A good example of this is Tailor Brands, a website that, when you use it, asks you questions about your business, such as what category it belongs to, and generates free vector logos with the information you give it.

You can use these vector logos as they are or modify them with the tools provided by the page itself, from the type of letters to the iconography. This is the easiest way to create and download logos for free.

The other option is portals that offer free logo design templates, which give you a range of options, between icons and typography so that you can put together the image that will represent your company as a puzzle.

In recent years, the most prominent page for generating vector logos in this way is Canva, which offers pre-designed options that look pretty good. It also has tools to make a social media post and even a resume.

Whether you want to create free modern logos based on templates or someone else does all the work for you, so that you just have to download, we leave you a list of web pages that will help you with that purpose:

Why shouldn’t you use free vector logos?

Vector Logo –  we can have instant, effortless, and free? “What a deal!” You may be thinking, “Why do I want a designer?” Hold on a moment, not everything is as it seems. Yes, you have a good-looking design, but there is a little catch.

Do you think you are the only one who uses one of these free downloadable logos on the Internet? Not. Thousands of people do it, and because of that, they are almost certainly wearing the same designs without realizing it.

Suppose you see one of the free vectorized logos of Canva, you look nice and decide to convert the image of your business. All good so far, but sooner rather than later you will be in for a nasty surprise.

Let’s say you are the owner of a barbershop, and you discover that a restaurant uses a logo that is the same as yours. And to top it all, both businesses are in the same city. They were unlucky enough to enter the same logo generator and download the same design.

And if you used free logo templates, don’t think you’re safe. Someone will have a design like yours, perhaps with a slightly different font, one or another less detail, but it will still be the same image, and everyone will recognize it that way.

When we talk about how to start a clothing brand, we emphasize the importance of having your own, unique and recognizable identity among the sea of ​​competitors who seek the attention of the same public. The Free vectorized logos cannot provide that image that only you possess.

Therefore, at least for the development of vector logo, you should hire a designer, someone who will give a visible face to your company based on their vision and mission, what they want to project.

But if you think that you can do this work yourself, consider taking the Logo Design from scratch online course, at the end of which you will end up with a custom-made design, superior to free vectorized logos.

Where can I download a program to make vector logos?

If you want to download a program to make logos, again, you will find many options that are easy to use. Some of them are smartphone apps and, yes, they deliver what they promise.

There is The Logo Creator, available at Softonic, or Logo Maker, which you can find on Google Play. However, we return to the previous problem. You will only get vectorized logos that everyone has and to which you will not be able to make more than minimal changes.

If you want to download a program to make logos as a professional, you necessarily need to be able to work with vectors from scratch. In other words, the solution is software for making illustrations. You’re in luck because we know many of them and some of them are free.


This show had to be at the top of the list. It is the quintessential tool for making vector logo and other highly complex illustrations. If you are an expert designer, you will get the most out of it; And if not, what are you waiting for to take the Adobe Illustrator online course: Be an expert in digital illustration? Highly recommended.

Among the benefits of Illustrator is that it allows you to convert a bitmap graphic into a vector graphic, so you don’t have to draw it from scratch. This helps freelance designers who must make vector logos from a client’s PNG file.

On the other hand, the Adobe program can export images in CMYK, which helps a lot if the vector logos you make are to be printed. Even if your brand is purely digital, you know that at some point it will appear on business cards or brochures.

Illustrator would be perfect if it didn’t have some downsides, starting with the price, which can be $ 29.64 if you only want it for a month or $ 19.70 a month for a whole year. Or, if you think you can dedicate yourself to making vector logos and other illustrations, you can make a one-time payment of 225.13 for a whole year.

Another point against Adobe software is that it has a very steep learning curve, which means that you will need classes to learn how to use it properly, and if with it you plan to create vector logos for your own business, all the more so…


It is an alternative to Illustrator with an interface and functionalities that will make you not miss this program. It does allow converting PNG images into vectors and is available in Spanish, so you can easily create vector logo in it.

The best part is that Inkscape is free, and while it is highly recommended, it has its limitations compared to Illustrator. Also, as with this software, you will need some classes to use it properly.


It stands out for being easy to use, even if you are a beginner, and it works as a web service. That is, it is not necessary to download the program, you can create free vector logos from scratch on its website. You will only have to register with an email.

Its disadvantage is that it does not export images in CMYK or convert PNG files to vectors. Even so, you can fill this gap with Canva, for example, by entering this page to download the WhatsApp logo and have it in SVG format to include it in your design.


It is also a web service with which you can create free vector logo from scratch, although it is more limited than the previous ones. You can try it to get warm in the world of illustration.


It is similar to the previous case: you can use it without having to download anything. Anyway, you can create vector logos on it, so don’t discount it. Unlike SVG-Edit, it is not available in Spanish, but that will not be a problem as you become more familiar with each of its tools.

vector logo: Add-ons to create logos for free

We must accept that creating vector logo without the help of templates or web services is a heavy task, as it implies doing everything from scratch. Even if we don’t want to do something very complex, it costs when there is no starting point, and those who have worked with clients who are not sure what they want will know what we mean.

To do this, you can enter certain web pages that serve as a complement to make vector logos. These offer you designs made in free vectors so that you can download and modify them to your liking with the sole condition of mentioning the original author.

Some of the portals where you can get free vectorized logos, as well as other illustrations in SVG, are the following:

You can access any of them and download the designs that catch your attention, but you should only use them as inspiration and as a basis to do something else. Similarly, Canva can give you a hand, but to make posts that contain the vectorized logos that you have previously made.

We will not tire of insisting that your vector logo must be an original creation. No great company comes from just filling out templates. In the end, it is your effort and ingenuity that makes the difference.


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